e chart para la semana del 20.12.2004 al 26.12.2004

15 ingresos esta semana, destacando 3 nuevos ingresos del último disco de two lone swordmen, que llegó algo tarde por aquí.
50-Wolfsheim- Blind
49-Comets on Fire- Whiskey River
48-French Kicks- The Falls
47-The Fiery Furnaces- Chief Inspector Blancheflower
46-U2- Neon Lights
45-The Streets- Blinded by the Lights
44-The Organ- I'm Not Surprised
43-The Music- Guide
42-The Thrills- The Curse of Comfort
41-The Libertines- Narcisst
40-The Fiery Furnaces- Straight Street
39-Morrissey- How Can Anybody Known How I Feel
38-Earlimart- Sounds
37-Collective Soul- Better Now
36-!!!- Dear Can
35-Kasabian- I.D.
34-Two Lone Swordmen- Formica Fuego
33-The Thrills- Not for all the Love in the World
32-Kings of Leon- Four Kicks
31-!!!- Shit Scheisse Merde pt 1
30-Clinic- W.D.Y.Y.B.
29-The Music- Cessation
28-The Thrills- Found my Rosebud
27-Two Lone Swordmen- Faux
26-Kaiser Chiefs- I Predict a Riot
25-AC Newman- Secretarial
24-Interpol- Take you on a Cruise
23-U2- It's All Because of You
22-Two Lone Swordmen- Sex Beat
21-Tortoise- It's All Around You
20-French Kicks- One More Time
19-The Futureheads- Carnival Kids
18-Radio 4- State of Alert
17-The Delgados- Keep on Breathing
16-The Fiery Furnaces- Chris Michaels
15-The Arcade Fire- Rebellion (Lies)
14-Razorlight- Leave Me Alone
13-Los Planetas- Canción del Fin del Mundo
12-!!!- Hello? Is This Thing On?
11-Kasabian- Cutt Off
10-Ian Brown- Keep What Ya Got
09-The Fiery Furnaces- Quay Cur
08-Earlimart- All They Ever Do is Talk
07-The Delgados- Girls of Valour
06-Ambulance LTD- Swim
05-Kasabian- Club Foot
04-Radio 4- (Give all of your) money
03-The Fiery Furnaces- Mason City
02-The Von Bondies- Not That Social
01- Manic Street Preachers- To Repel Ghosts