e chart para la semana del 27.06.2005 al 3.07.2005

50-cass mc combs- bury mary
49-sr. chinarro- el cuadro
48-fischerspooner- happy
47-the house of love- maybe you know
46-kaiser chiefs- na na na na naa
45-neva dinova- ahh
44-john digweed- strive to live (pete moss)
43-gruff rhys- epynt
42-marbles- circuit
41-la costa brava- mi última mujer
40-headphones- gas and matches

39-hood- the lost you
38-ivy- thinking about you
37-the white stripes- blue orchid
36-the decemberists- the infanta
35-mando diao- added family
34-daft punk- the prime time of your life
33-art brut- emily kane
33-annie- heartbeat
32-of montreal- i was never young
31-sr. chinarro- paso yo
30-the british sea power- victorian ice
29-hot hot heat- goodnight goodnight
28-the house of love- days run away
27-out hud- dear mr. bush, there are over 100 words for shit and only one for music. fuck you, out hud
26-the tears- refugees
26-the ordinary boys- boys will be boys
25-mylo- destroy rock n' roll
24-justus köhncke- timecode
23-stephen malkmus- freeze the saints
23-hood- the negative
22-vitalic- my friend dario
21-the wedding present- always the quiet one
21-the decemberists- 16 by 32
20-teenage funclub- cells
19-stereophonics- dakota
19-gorillaz- feel good inc.
18-stereo total- ich bin nackt
18-brendan benson- cold hands warm heart
17-teenage fanclub- born under a good sign
16-out hud- 2005: a face odyssey
15-maximo park- i want you to stay
14-the british sea power- please stand up
14-four volts- sunday night
13-clor- love and pain
12-sons and daughters- dance me in
11-the british sea power- like honeycomb
10-ladytron- sugar
09-stephen malkmus- baby c'mon
08-maximo park- apply some pressure
08-justus köhncke- elan
07-ivy- corners of your mind
06-edan- promise land
05-the evens- you won't feel a thing
05-the bravery- fearless
04-m83- love steal us from loneliness
03-maximo park- limassol
03-maximo park- graffiti
02-the go betweens- darlinghurst nights
01-cass mc combs- equinox