e chart para la semana del 21.11.2005 al 27.11.2005

las contadas personas que se fijan en mi ranking personal se habrán dado cuenta de que hace varias semanas que no aparecen muchas cosas nuevas en los ingresos; es por una preocupante baja en la cantidad de discos que estoy consiguiendo. esta semana espero recibir un gran lote de álbumes de reciente publicación, mientras tanto esta semana ingresan 6 temas nuevos.

50-the go betweens- born to a family
49-brakes- all nite disco party
48-editors- blood
47-echo and the bunnymen- all because of you days
46-jurgen päape- cream
45-super furry animals- frequency
44-minus story- suffer by yourself
43-art brut- good weekend
42-turin brakes- fishing for a dream
41-nine black alps- get your guns
40-maximo park- signal & sign
39-the clientele- since k got over me
38-the dandy warhols- love is the feel new awful
37-nobody- the coast is clear (for fireworks)
36-the rakes- violent
35-sleater kinney- jumpers
34-gravy train!!!!- i wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna get rid on you
33-depeche mode- precious
32-crossover- disgrace chateau
31-m.i.a.- fire fire
30-crossover- apples on a stick
29-the ordinary boys- brassbound
29-the radio dept.- this past week
29-boy kill boy- suzie
28-supersystem- tragedy
27-we are scientists- the great scape
27-ladytron- destroy everything you touch
26-nosoträsh- dicen
25-common- be
24-franz ferdinand- the fallen
23-the dead 60's- a different age
23-quasimoto- closer
22-the new pornographers- twin cinema (+19)
21-kanye west- diamonds from sierra leona
21-my computer- dig a hole
20-the stands- do it like you like
19-adult- hold your breath
19-joy zipper- window
18-xiu xiu- pox
18-wilderness- marginal over
17-the juan mac lean- tito's way
16-alfie- cryng at treatime
16-mando diao- this dream is over
15-simpleminds- home
15-alfie- 'til the end
14-turin brakes- red moon
13-sufjan stevens- they are night zombies!! they are neighbors!! they have come back from the dead!! ahhhhh!
13-jaga jazzist- all i know is tonight
12-the cloud room- hey now now
12-caesars- paper tigers
11-ferenc- bocaseca 1.0
10-mew- special
09-art brut- my little brother
09-sebastian kramer- lo difícil
08-electralane- the partisan
07-nada surf- blankest year
06-sufjan stevens- come on! feel the illinoise
05-she wants revenge- sister
04-röyksopp- to the end
03-longcut- a quiet life
02-brakes- i can't stand to stand beside you
01-caribou- hello hammerheads