e chart para la semana del 21.08.2006 al 27.08.2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting en su tercer disco peaches empieza con la ya repetitiva perorata: impeach my bush!!!!! al tono sexista y vulgar de las canciones ahora le agregamos un cierto tinte político, dosis de pop elegante a lo goldfrapp, consabidas guitarras más ruidosas que musicales, una cierta intución por empaparse de ritmos ahora en boga (grime en este caso), alguna que otra consigna feminista, y la ya conocidad fórmula punk-electro que transforma el tercer disco de merrill nisker en otro alegato de como ser tú y no verse hecha un fantoche de lo que una quiere ser.

50-tunng- the pioneers
49-the ordinary boys vs lady sovereign- nine 2 five
48-the electric cinema- heat exchange
47-data panik- cubis (i love you)
46-junior boys- in the morning
45-the rapture- w.a.y.u.h.
44-chromatics- nite
43-peaches- owntown
42-my architects- under the pines
41-pretty girls make graves- the number
40-tv on the radio- blues from down here
39-band of horses- wicked gil
38-the divine comedy- to die a virgin
37-tapes n' tapes- just drums
36-cam'ron- wet wipes
35-the boy least likely to- be gentle with me
34-kaito- color of feels
33-duels- brothers and sisters
32-coldcut- just for the kick
31-the pipettes- dirty mind
30-young jeezy & christina millian- say i
29-the sunshine underground- i ain't losing any sleep
29-the on offs- wrong upstairs
28-the boyfriends- adult acne
27-richard buttler- broken aeroplanes
26-gnarls barkley- gone daddy gone
25-the divine comedy- diva lady
24-the presets- girl and the sea
23-herbert- those feelings
22-his name is alive- mama don't you think i know
22-young knives- weekends and bleak days (hot summer)
21-radio 4- enemies like this
21-duels- animal
20-v/formation- little heart [+19]
19-the vc's- nice place…well take it
19-the fiery furnaces- waiting to know to you
18-the tyde- separate cars
17-hot chip- boy from school
17-the rifles- peace & quiet
16-every move a picture- on the edge of something beatiful (at 12am)
15-kasabian- empire
15-johnny boy- wall street
14-human television- i laughed
13-soul position- no gimmicks
13-keane- it's any wonder
12-irving- jen, nothing matters to me
11-röyksopp- go with the flow (live)
11-kelis- bossy
10-manta ray- por qué evadirse a otros mundos más pequeños
10-franz ferdinand- eleanor puts your boots on
09-sonic youth- rats
08-matmos- solo buttons for joe meek
08-mazarin- another one goes by
07-ellen allien and aparat- leave me alone
06-the longcut- a last act of desesperate man
06-white rose movement- deborah carne
05-the klaxons- gravity rainbow
04-kubichek!- taxi
03-the essex green- the pride
03-james figurine- 55566688833
02-irving- the preservation of childrens minds
02-the egg- walking away
01-the rifles- when i'm alone