e chart para la semana del 22.08.2005 al 28.08.2005

50-bright eyes- first day of my life
49-brendan benson- cold hands warm heart
48-the kills- love is a deserter
47-art brut- emily kane
46-clem snide- end of love
45-the dandy warhols- smoke it
44-vitalic- polkamatic
43-athlete- modern mafia
42-m.i.a.- bucky done gone
41-maximo park- limassol
40-adam green- caroline
40-of montreal- i was never young
39-garbage- bleed like me
38-fischerspooner- never win
37-teenage funclub- cells
36-sleater kinney- jumpers
35-quinoline yellow- sealed
34-the departure- lump in my throat
33-boy kill boy- suzie
32-the similou- wild beasts
31-longwave- the undertow song
30-editors- blood
29-röyksopp & karin dreijer- what else is there
28-montag- perfect vision
27-la habitación roja- nunca ganaremos el mundial
26-clor- outlines
25-the duke spirit- dark is light enough
24-hard-fi- hard to beat
23-the go betweens- here comes a city
22-ladytron- sugar
21-ivy- feel so free
20-billy corgan- walking shade
19-the cribs- hello? oh...
18-sons and daughters- taste the last girl
18-nosoträsh- planes de batalla
17-neva dinova- ahh
16-editors- bullets
16-the raveonettes- you say you lie
15-isolee- my hi-matic
14-coldplay- talk
14-röyksopp- only this moment
13-la costa brava- mi última mujer
12-be your own pet- damn damn leash
12-headphones- gas and matches
11-engineers- forgiveness
11-clap your hands say yeah- upon this tidal wave of young blood
10-engineers- thrasher
09-art brut- bang bang rock n' roll
09-out hud- dear mr. bush, there are over 100 words for shit and only one for music. fuck you, out hud
08-stephen malkmus- freeze the saints
07-the white stripes- blue orchid
06-hood- the negative
05-colder- to the music
05-hard-fi- tied up too tight
04-the bravery- fearless [+45]
04-benjamin biolay- ma chair et tendre
03-art brut- rusted guns of milan
03-the departure- all mapped out
02-sleater kinney- the fox
02-editors- munich
01-idlewild- blame it on the obvious way