e chart para la semana del 5.06.2006 al 11.06.2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting single de la semana: steady as she goes. the raconteurs y el track más ¿alternativo? de su primer disco.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting brendan benson, jack white de los white stripes y dos integrantes de the greenhornes integran este relativamente nuevo proyecto que lanzó hace algunas semanas broken boy soldiers. no es difícil deducir que es lo que escucharemos: blues, americana y rock and roll convergen en un disco que suena más white stripes que brendan benson en su mayor parte; aunque tampoco es una segunda parte de los white stripes, ni de the greenhornes ni de brendan benson, esto es: the raconteurs.

50-the strokes- heart in a cage
49-white rose movement- girls in the back
48-pretty girls make graves- the number
48-radio 4- enemies like this

47-elefant- lolita
46-boy kill boy- back again
45-the raconteurs- steady as she goes
44-ellen allien and aparat- turbo dreams
43-kelis- bossy
42-elf power- king of earth
41-the cv's- nice place… well take it
40-johnny boy- 15 minutes
39-mistery jets- the boy who ran away
38-christina rosenvinge- a liar to love
37-forward russia!- nine
36-the minus 5- out there on the maroon
35-the automatic- raoul
34-the zutons- why don't you give me love
33-data panik- cubis (i love you)
32-sparks- perfume
31-the sunshine underground- comercial breakdown
30-richard hawley- born under a bad sign
29-television personalities- she can stop traffic
28-boy kill boy- friday friday
27-the rapture- w.a.y.u.h.
27-the futureheads- cope
26-dominique a.- retour au quartier lointain
25-editors- all sparks
24-the walkmen- this job is killing me
23-lorraine- i feel it
22-gnarls barkley- crazy
21-kubichek!- taxi
20-the radio dept.- pete grief
20-lindström- monsteer
19-foreign born- we had pleasure
19-johnny boy- formaldehyde (last words of lottery loser)
18-the somatics- elemental
18-the crimea- white russian galaxy
17-humanzi- long time coming
16-belle & sebastian- another sunny day
15-goldfrapp- ride a white horse
15-nathan fake- charlie's house
14-the egg- walking away
13-prefuse 73 feat. four tet- creating cyclical headaches
13-chikinki- you said
12-the research- c'mon chameleon
11-dirty pretty things- bang bang you're dead
11-the rakes- all too human
10-morning runner- the great scape
09-dirty pretty things- you fucking love it
09-white rose movement- london's mine
08-the concretes- chosen one
07-morrissey- you have killed me [+19]
07-camera obscura- lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
06-mikkel metal- memories
05-the futureheads- area
05-hot chip- over and over
04-el columpio asesino- edad legal
04-be your own pet- adventure
03-cut copy- going nowhere digital
03-tiga- jamaican box
02-duels- brothers and sisters
01-every move a picture- signs of life