e chart para la semana del 30.10.2006 al 5.11.2006

para esta semana tenemos 12 nuevos ingresos en el radioblog. canciones de the legends, the offering, gnarls barkley, my architects, audion, buba sparxxx, dj logic, the kingsbury manx, cansei de ser sexy, the oohlas, una reactualización de un clásico de ricardo villalobos y neon -otro proyecto italiano- remezclado por ajello.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting como dije en ::: e noticias, the killers bien pudo haber lanzado un buen ep en vez de su anterior disco hot fuss; ahora mi opinion no cambia y el cuarteto de las vegas continúa irregular en su reciente sam's town; del que when you we're young es uno de los temas a destacar. pero a ellos no les importa lo que diga yo ó alguien a quien no le haya gustado el trabajo: "una mala crítica no nos va a hacer vender menos discos".

50-milburn- cheshire cat smile
49-goldfrapp- fly me away
48-v/formation- little heart
47-the automatic- monster
46-yo la tengo- beanbag chair
45-dj logic- smackness
44-hot chip- boy from school
43-serena maneesh- sapphyre eyes
42-the killers- when you're where young
41-lily allen- take what you take
40-the presets- girl and the sea
39-five o'clock heroes- time on my hands
38-fujiya and miyagi- in one era & one the other
37-guther- trick or treat
36-grizzly bear- colorado
35-the sleepy jackson- you needed more
34-the rapture- get myself into it
33-kaito- color of feels
32-the offering- 68-150
32-buba sparxxx- as the rim spins
31-dj shadow- this time (i'm gonna try it my way)
30-clinic- children of kellog
30-pinback- versailles
29-the starfighter pilot- you get up
28-m craft- sweet
27-missy elliott- we run this
26-acid casuals- bowl me over
25-the pipettes- dirty mind
25-the long winters- fire island, ak
24-nicky wire- break my heart slowly
23-dr. octagon- trees
23-humanzi- diet pills and magazines
22-battle- tendency
21-iliketrains- terra nova
21-luxembourg- luxembourg vs great britain
20-badly drawn boy- born in the uk
20-islands- where there's a will there's a whalebone
19-the legends- play it for today
19-golden smog- 5-22-02
18-the rifles- she's got standards
17-the rapture- callin' me
17-the klaxons- atlantis to interzone
16-die sterne- abends ausgehen
16-the oohlas- gone
15-sparklehorse- knives of summertime
15-the violets- hush away
14-dead disco- automatic
13-junior boys- so this is goodbye
13-tv on the radio- blues from down here
12-schmoof- chocolate boyfriend
11-ratatat- lex [+19]
11-mediengruppe telekommander- bil dir deine meinung
10-transit kings- america is unavailable
09-the open- we can never say goodbye
09-the boyfriends- i love you
07-chromatics- nite
06-gnarls barckley- smiley faces
06-sennen- let it down
05-the tamborines- sally o'gannon
04-mission of burma- 1001 pleasant dreams
04-yo la tengo- i should have known better
03-the electric cinema- heat exchange
02-the futureheads- worry it about it later
01-cansei de ser sexi- let's make love and listen to death from above