e chart para la semana del 11.12.2006 al 17.12.2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting en su quinto disco -el primero con el uso de una banda completa en la grabación- m ward sigue con su canciones personales, tranquilas y ambientes de camaradería. post war es un disco variado y ameno en su primera mitad, pero sobre el final las cosas se vuelven monótonas y eso afecta el resultado final de este buen disco. en el puesto 34, poison cup.

50-the futureheads- worry it about it later
49-transit kings- america is unavailable
48-the view- superstar tradesman
47-ratatat- lex
46-sparklehorse- knives of summertime
45-the electric cinema- heat exchange
44-the decemberists- o valencia
43-kubichek!- outwards
42-the oohlas- gone
41-the violets- hush away
40-de/vision- love will find our way
40-the sound movement- modern condition
39-sean lennon- friendly fire
38-datarock- fa fa fa
37-outkast- mighty o
36-the klaxons- magick
35-lost penguin- mr. whippy
34-m ward- poison cup
33-nicky wire- break my heart slowly
32-the legends- play it for today
31-missy elliott- we run this
30-vitalic & linda lamb- bells
29-albert hammond jr.- in transit
29-the decemberists- yankee bayonet
28-cansei de ser sexi- let's make love and listen to death from above
27-justus köhncke- lovely dancing
26-squarepusher- hello meow
26-the good, the bad and the queen- herculean
25-the others- the truth that hurts
24-jarvis cocker- don't let him waste your time
24-cansei de ser sexi- fuckoff is not the only thing you have to show
23-serena maneesh- sapphyre eyes
22-cut chemist feat. edan & mr. lif- storm
21-peter björn and john- amsterdam
21-yo la tengo- beanbag chair
20-sr. chinarro- la decoración
19-fujiya and miyagi- in one era & one the other
19-guther- trick or treat
18-the rapture- callin' me
17-the ordinary boys- lonely at the top
17-clinic- children of kellog
16-schmoof- chocolate boyfriend
15-grizzly bear- colorado
15-ghostface killah- the champ
14-the long blondes- weekend without make up
13-five o'clock heroes- time on my hands
13-dead disco- automatic
12-the open- we can never say goodbye
11-the offering- 68-150
11-sparklehorse- ghost in the sky
10-the long winters- fire island, ak
10-humanzi- out on a wire
09-the tamborines- sally o'gannon
08-syd matters- someday sometimes
07-beck- nausea
07-art brut- nag nag nag
06-m craft- sweets
05-the starfighter pilot- your get up
04-the modernist- pearly spencer
03-the long blondes- giddy stratospheres [+15]
03-hope of the states- industry
02-lady sovereign- my england
02-the killers- when you're where young
01-milburn- send in the boys