e chart para la semana del 21.02.2005 al 27.02.2005

en el puesto 50, un nuevo ingreso con the duke spirit; si quieres ver el video de lion rip entra aquí
50-The Duke Spirit- Lion Rip
49-Kasabian- Cutt Off
48-The Futureheads- Carnival Kids
47-Low- Everybody's Song
46-Ted Leo and The Pharmacists- Better Dead than Lead
45-Earlimart- A Bell and a Whistle
44-Kasabian- I.D.
43-Swayzak- Bergerie
42-Hope of the States- The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue
41-Bloc Party- Price of Gas
40-LCD Soundsystem- Daft Punk is Playing at my House
39-Earlimart- All They Ever Do is Talk
38-French Kicks- The Falls
37-Low- Silver Rider
36-The Music- Cessation
35-Radio 4- Stealing of a Nation
34-The Bravery- Honest Mistake
33-The Kills- Good Ones
32-The Go! Team- Ladyflash
31-Manic Street Preachers- To Repel Ghosts
30-Ian Brown- Time is my Everything
29-Radio 4- State of Alert
28-Interpol- A Time to be So Small
27-Swayzak- My House
26-Manic Street Preachers- 1985
25-Kaiser Chiefs- Oh my God
24-Trembling Blue Stars- Moonlight on Snow
23-Ian Brown- Keep What Ya Got
22-The Prodigy- Spitfire
21-Kings of Leon- Four Kicks
20-Trembling Blue Stars- The Sea is So Quiet
19-The Chemical Brothers- Galvanize
18-The Go! Team- Everyone's a VIP a to Someone
17-Doves- Black and Ghost Town
16-Soulwax- E-Talking
15-Miss Kittin- Happy Violentine
14-Bloc Party- So Here We Are
13-Junior Boys- Bellona
12-Ted Leo and The Pharmacists- Me and Mia
11-The Mercury Rev- In a Funny Way
10-Le Tigre- TKO
09-Manic Street Preachers- I Live to fall Sleep
08-Sons and Daughters- Johnny Cash
07-The Mercury Rev- Secret for a Song
06-Earlimart- Sounds
05-The Go! Team- Friendship Update
04-Trembling Blue Stars- Helen Reddy
03-Kaiser Chiefs- I Predict a Riot
02-The Chemical Brothers & Tim Burgess- The Boxer
01-Ted Leo and The Pharmacists- Heart Problems